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Lunakai's mother (ルナ会のお母さん, Runakai no Okaasan) is a maiden from the Moonlight Forests . Not much is known about her, although it is implied she was responsible for escorting her newborn infant son away from the harm of Haou .


She was born and raised in the Moonlight Forest, and would later reside in the war-raising barracks of Youth Garden, alongside Haou and Lunakari.Her mother sent her here after realizing that her lively daughter was not suited for a life in the secluded woods. Despite her mother's unique ability of Light Energy, her daughter did not adopt the power (as stated by her mother, she gained a "sassy exterior" in compensation.) This demeanor would ultimately make her a social pariah of Youth Garden, as she had no clue how to associate with her colleagues without sounding harsh. As many grew to dislike her or ignore her entirely, Lunakari and Haou shortly befriended her, as they too were reluctant towards the others, and towards the rigourous war training. The three, although different in personality, would form a close bond that was seemingly unbreakable in their situation.

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