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(Runakai るなかい)

Lunakai (るなかい, Runakai) is a blessed child from the Moonlight Forests . In the instant he was born, Lunakai was a target to Haou due to the eccentric powers bestowed upon him, and is ultimately treated as the man's object of prey. Like his father, Lunakari , Lunakai was born under a moonlit sky, and as a result gained the power to control a mystic etheral energy dubbed Light Energy . However, he is notably uninterested in such a force, and instead prefers to indulge in the various connections with others he forges throughout his troubled life. After meeting Alair and Nagashi - two boys who are also uncertain of their purpose - he sets off to escape from the persistent clutches of his central enemy, Haou. 


Lunakai was born the son of the infamous rebel Lunakari, dubbed "The Second Boy of the Eclipse." The woman who bestowed her son life and wed Lunakari, however, is currently unknown, said to have fled on the conflicted night of Lunakai's birth under her husband's aide. Haou, a close friend of Lunakari, had anticipated the birth of such a sacred and powerful child, and lurked in the shadows of the child's birthplace, hoping to end its life just as it took first breath. Before the nefarious deed could be achieved, however, Lunakari bursted in on the scene, enraged at the sight of his closest accomplice's twisted intentions. The two clashed briefly, allowing the mother to safely escape with the little energy she had remaining, and deposited her newborn child at her mother's doorstep before presumably dying.

As he grew up in the depths of the forest, isolated from common human interaction, Lunakai developed an introverted mentaility. He was often afraid of even the most petty things, and was coddled by his caring grandmother in the confinement of their home. She was well aware of the power lying dormant and unused within her cowardly grandson, but decided to leave this subject untouched - she, like Lunakai, was unconcerned with mystics, and hoped to mold the child into an average individual. This was also in her intentions in order to keep him from becoming an "eccentric object of power" when he finally set off into society.

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